The cheapest broadband deal in the UK: Onestream leads just before Black Friday


Black Friday – a time to save on TVs, consoles, phones and a plethora of other tech goodies. But one saving you might not have considered looking into in this month of sales is broadband. And yet, just weeks away from Black Friday we've seen a broadband deal not just drop in price but actually become the cheapest in the UK.

This distinct accolade goes to the lesser-known brand Onestream. Notorious for its cheap pricing, it is no surprise it has snuck on in just in time to provide you with the internet connection you'll need for all of that online shopping.

Coming in at a price of just £14.99, Onestream is now cheaper than Plusnet, TalkTalk and Post Office – the names we've been going for cheap internet as of late. Want those super cheap bills? We've listed everything you'll need to know below.


The UK's cheapest broadband deal in full:

How does this compare to other broadband deals?

While we love the affordability of this offer, it is lacking slightly in the speed department. If you need something a little bit faster then maybe a fibre broadband deal would suit you better.

The best prices on fibre come from Vodafone right now. Offering average speeds of 63Mb for just £23 a month (£21 if you're an existing Vodafone customer), you can't beat Vodafone for price right now.

Or for a bit of a freebie with your internet, BT could be a solid choice. Offering average speeds of 50Mb and an M&S gift card worth £80, BT is offering an excellent promotion right now, especially considering it only costs £28.99 a month.


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