Smart home deals: multiple Amazon Echo Alexa speakers get big discounts


Amazon Echo products are never far away from a discount, so it's worth waiting a while when you see prices at full RRP. Today's the day to pounce though if you've been itching to check out why Alexa is the most popular smart home assistant in the UK. Or maybe you already know and are keen to add some extra speakers to your home setup. Amazon Prime Day is months away yet, which is your only chance of seeing a cheaper price before Black Friday to be honest.

Today's highlights include the Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, Amazon Echo Show Amazon Echo Spot and the very new Echo Input.

If you're very much settled into the Google ecosystem, we'd also advise taking a look at the rival speakers with the Google Home deals. There are of course even more Echo speakers outside of today's discounted offers and we've rounded up the latest in our Amazon Echo deals and prices guide. If we've really whetted your appetite for new gadgets, take a look at our selection of the best cheap smart home devices.


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