Samsung QLED TVs immerse you in the games, movies and TV series you love


QLED brings aspects of the very best cinema screens into your living room – and you’ll find it in a huge array of Samsung sets that are coming out this year, from the more affordable Samsung Q70R up to the groundbreaking 8K Samsung Q950R.

Contrast is the number one element you need for immersive images. It’s what makes movies’ space scenes look truly inky black, and actors’ faces from your favourite soaps appear more realistic. It gives any scene an extra hit of depth and richness.

Many of QLEDs predecessors, LCD TVs, struggle with this, particularly when you dim your living room lights for a movie night. But QLED TVs have “direct full array” dimming to solve that issue.

They have LED zones behind pixels that make up an image. These can shut down when the TV displays pure black, for pictures that really pop.

Knock-out punchiness

QLED TVs also have incredible colour, which works hand-in-hand with sky-high contrast to make nature scenes from David Attenborough’s latest documentaries, Hollywood blockbusters sunsets and, well, just about everything else look incredible.

It’s a huge benefit even for trashy daytime TV, and it can also make games look stunning as well. Their larger-than-life visuals can really max out on QLED’s abilities, without being tied to boring old reality.

The only TVs certified to offer 100% colour volume* are Samsung QLED TVs.

You can get good colour and contrast with other technologies, like the ancient-but-beloved plasma and newer OLED. But Samsung QLED also delivers incredible brightness.

Image credit: Samsung

The 2019 Samsung Q950R puts out up to 4000 nits, more than four times brighter than the latest iPhone. When teamed-up with incredible contrast, QLED TVs’ brightness offers incredible dynamic range. That means you can see the brightest of sunbeams and the darkest of shadows in the same image. It’s perfect for Game of Thrones.

It’s such a potent effect, you can only appreciate its real power with HDR footage, which Samsung QLED TVs support. HDR video is mastered to make use of abilities like these, with literally more picture information crammed into each frame. The best HDR video has extra information baked into each frame, and you can only make the most of it with the kind of brightness QLED offers.

Earlier we said Samsung QLED brings a cinematic experience to your home. But there are features you don’t get in the cinema too.

Image credit: Samsung

Ambient Mode

Samsung QLED sets also have Ambient Mode 2.0. This stops your large-screen TV looking like a big black vacuum in your living room. Take a picture of the space around your TV and Ambient Mode 2.0 makes the set blend into the background, analysing patterns and colours of your decor to come up with something to match.

Alternatively, you can turn your Samsung QLED into a digital canvas, displaying your photos.

Samsung QLED TVs are visually stunning in so many ways. Barely-there borders look cutting edge, and make the Ambient Mode 2.0 all the more powerful. When you want to watch something to unwind on a bright day, they have the searing brightness needed to keep images looking punchy when there’s a lot of ambient light. And for the purist’s experience, Samsung QLED’s incredible colour and contrast bring a night of movies or gaming to life like nothing you’ve seen before.

If you want to try Samsung QLED for yourself, check out the Q60R, Q67R, Q70R, Q80R, Q85R and Q90R ranges. All offer cutting-edge QLED tech, to suit different budgets. And for a glimpse of the future today, hunt down a Q950R, Samsung’s range of 8K QLED TVs at 65, 75, 82, and an incredible 98, inches.

*DCI-P3 standard


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