Looking to get in early on 5G? We’ve found you the best 5G phone deal in the UK


The long awaited launch of 5G in the UK has finally arrived, but there's one problem…it is oh so expensive. A quick look through the 5G phone deals currently available will show you prices way up into the £60/£70 a month mark.

But take a step back and you realise that this isn't that much more than some phones already out (iPhone XS Max anyone?). Considering these phones are already some of the best devices on the market is already reason enough to charge more, and when you front load them with speeds 20x faster than what we have now (if you happen to live somewhere that has them) those price tags start to make a bit more sense.

But no matter how much you justify it, it is still a lot to pay. That's why we've tracked down the cheapest 5G phone deal available, that way you can take a step forward into the future without also stepping foot first into a horrifically big monthly bill.

Below we've listed the cheapest option when it comes to 5G pre-orders – the Oppo Reno 5G. While EE's 5G systems are now up and functional (in selected areas), you can expect the phone to arrive around 14 days after you order. We would advise making sure 5G is available where you are before you commit to a purchase.

The cheapest 5G phone deal around

What's the Oppo Reno 5G like?

The obvious feature with this phone is its 5G capabilities but there is more to it than just that. It features a high-end camera system, a unique pop-up selfie camera, cutting edge chipset and a battery big enough to power through all your speedy 5G downloads.


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