The recently launched second-generation Google Pixel smartphones have an interesting sensor-based feature buried in the software which can automatically switch on "Do Not Disturb" (DND) mode when the user is driving, a media report said on Saturday.

Hints of the feature were spotted in a new Google application named Pixel Ambient Services, launched alongside the new Pixel phones.

The description for the app read: "Pixel Ambient Services provides features based on local context for Pixel devices".

According to Android Police, the Google provided screenshots for the app show an automatic setting when the phones detect a user driving.

The DND mode will activate when the user is driving based on the phone's sensors. Smartphone makers such as Apple and Samsung also introduced their own DND mode while driving features this year.

Both of their features send auto-replies to people who call or text. However, it is not clear whether Google's solution does the same.

This year's Pixel lineup bets big on artificial intelligence (AI), software and hardware. Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones and Daydream View Virtual Reality (VR) headset will be available in India in November.


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